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Hello, my name is Mariea Tinte and I am a qualified lipreading tutor delivering group sessions in various venues across East Sussex.


Many people with hearing loss find following speech difficult.  Learning lipreading can help because certain speech sounds, which can often be difficult to hear, make good, identifiable, visible shapes.

In my classes you will learn about the visible and less visible lipshapes, some useful communication tactics, and explore other topics related to coping with hearing loss.

Lipreading classes aim to be fun, relaxed, interesting and supportive. Lipreading, like many skills, takes time to learn, but can bring great benefits to the user, increasing confidence and encouraging independence.

If you would like to try a class you may join at any time in the term. The first lesson is free. Then, if you sign up, there will be a small fee. See below for brief details.


Click here for full details of class venues and times.

Please Contact us for further information.


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